For our centre

At Early Steps Child Care Centre we believe in creating a fun, safe, caring, respectful and supportive learning environment for children and their families. We will provide an environment that fosters children’s’ development and learning and supports families during this time.

For our Children

We aim to provide a non-biased, inclusive curriculum, which encourages children’s appreciation and recognition of others as individuals and their cultural backgrounds

Programs in all rooms will foster each child’s individual needs and follow The Early Years Learning Framework.

We believe all children are individuals and as such shall be treated with respect and understanding. Staff will be understanding and supportive of the differing needs and abilities of all children.

We will ensure that we provide a learning environment which encourages children to learn new skills, try a range of activities to promote their learning at this special time in their lives. While learning and being encouraged to experience new things, children will feel safe and secure.

For our Families

We aim to provide a service which is supportive of individual child rearing practices, and encourage the participation of parents and families. We will provide an environment where children are valued and parents feel secure with the knowledge their child is being cared for in a safe environment. We will facilitate open communication between families and staff to maintain consistent care of the children. We will provide current and relevant information about family, community and children’s services.

For our staff

The staff at Early Steps Child Care Centre will endeavour to create a warm, friendly atmosphere within the centre. They will strive to create positive interactions with parents, children and other staff members. Staff will feel valued, respected and supported by each other.

Staff will work as a team to provide high quality care. Each staff member has a vital role in meeting the needs of children and families. We aim to work co operatively, respectfully and to ensure communication is open with families. Staff will be encouraged to be involved in decision making within the centre.